Vision Engineering’s Deep Reality Viewer (DRV-Z1) microscope, the DRV-Z1, is intended to enable users to view high-definition 3D images under magnification without using a flat screen or requiring operators to wear goggles. By linking multiple DRV systems via wired or wireless technologies, the company says users can share and manipulate 3D images of components or products in real time.

The ability to simultaneously share and discuss full 3D images of critical parts, repairs, or design enhancements without delay is intended to significantly accelerate and improve both product design and client response. The device is also intended to minimize operator fatigue and eyestrain, which result in reduced operator efficiency and productivity. Using TriTeQ3 digital 3D display technology, the DRV-Z1 combines improved ergonomics with real-time transfer of 3D product images for rapid and informed decision-making.

Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering, said, "This breakthrough technology sets a new industry standard, offering users an incredible 3D viewing experience, without the need for glasses or headsets. The ability to share high definition images with other users anywhere in the world presents a huge opportunity to improve standards across key industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and the automotive sector."