Ansys is collaborating with Edge Case Research with the aim of engineering "the next generation of autonomous vehicles (AV) with unmatched state-of-the-art hazard detection capabilities." Through a new OEM agreement, Edge Case Research integrates its AV artificial intelligence (AI) perception stress testing and risk analysis system, Hologram, within Ansys’ AV simulation solution to maximize the safety of AVs.

Through this collaboration, Edge Case Research will integrate Hologram with Ansys’ AV open simulation solution. This end-to-end capability analyzes AV algorithms to detect edge cases to advance the development of, and help to validate, perception algorithms. Hologram can reportedly be scaled to other industries such as aerospace and defense, mining, agriculture, industrial robotics, and any other domain that relies on AI-based vision and perception software.

“We’re excited to join the Ansys AV ecosystem. We chose to partner with Ansys because of their deep expertise in safety, which is critical to understanding how products like Hologram, VRXPERIENCE, and SCADE can be used together in support of safety cases for autonomous products,” said Mike Wagner, CEO at Edge Case Research. “Ansys and Edge Case Research will deliver an unprecedented comprehensive capability for safeguarding the next generation of autonomous driving systems.”

“Edge Case delivers a powerful data testing and analytics platform that unlocks the value of petabytes of AV’s recorded road data to find edge cases, significantly accelerating the development of safer, AI-driven perception software. Underlying capabilities have been incorporated into our recently announced collaboration with BMW,” said Eric Bantegnie, Vice President and General Manager at Ansys. “Together we will usher in a new era of AI and shape the future of safe autonomous driving.”