TE Connectivity announced its next-generation 2-pin and 3-pin connector series rear latching snap-cap Deutsch DT connector with wire seal covers to reduce damage to electrical harnesses and heavy machinery.

Eric Laurer, Global Senior Manager of Product Management for TE’s Industrial & Commercial Transportation business, said, “Reliable DT snap cap products are fully interface compatible with existing DT parts in service and are perfect for rugged connections to a wide variety of solenoid, actuator, sensor, and other device applications, helping customers meet safety, productivity, efficiency, and sustainability objectives in an increasingly interconnected world.”

An extension of its existing Deutsch DT 2/3 Connector Series, the new snap-cap DT Connector provides improved seal performance, interface compatibility with predecessor parts, and a secure seal that is fully serviceable should replacement be needed. Ideal uses include inline wire-to-wire, wire-to-device, and wire-to-board connectivity. 

The snap-in-place rear caps provide wire seal protection in standard and shrink tube adapted configurations for historical DT connector requirements as well as IP67 and IP68 ratings.