The transformation toward electrified road transports needs to go faster. One of the obstacles along the way concerns the signs—or the lack of signs. In Sweden there are more than 8000 charging points, but only about 20 official signs leading to them.

Recently, surprised travelers in Sweden could see road signs leading to EV charging stations on flags, stacks of hay, horse blankets, napkins, pizza cartons, and toilet paper. They were even seen on the back of a guy’s head and on a biker’s vest. 

Nathalie Kinell, CMO at Bee Charging Solutions, said, ”There are thousands of signs pointing towards gas stations, but only about twenty official signs showing the nearest charging station. Unfortunately, that creates a feeling that the charging infrastructure just isn’t there. With these unusual and playful signs, we want to show people how close it actually is to the nearest station. And at the same time create a conversation about why there aren’t more signs already, and what both the industry and the governmental organizations needs to do to speed up the transformation towards electrified transports.”