NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced its new S32G vehicle network processors. As the latest offering from NXP’s S32 family of processors, the company states that the S32G processors enable the automotive industry shift to high-performance, domain-based vehicle architectures and provide reduced software complexity with enhanced security and safety.

The company states that forthcoming generations of connected vehicles will require a dramatic shift in performance and security to deliver data-driven opportunities. NXP Semiconductors claims that these processors are the world’s first integration of traditional MCUs (microcontroller units) with high-performance application processors with ASIL D functional safety support, and network acceleration.

The company states that the S32G is not solely a network processor. The combination of capabilities enables it to support the latest ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) applications, as well as provide safe and secure communication capabilities that contribute to the total integration of the vehicle’s network.

About the NXP S32 Family of Processors

The NXP S32 family of processors offer a unified architecture with high-performance MCUs and MPUs and application-specific acceleration and interfaces, supported by an identical software environment across application platforms. The company states that the software development environment allows developers to reuse costly research and development work and therefore respond quicker to changing vehicle architectures and intense time-to-market demands. The platform is developed to deliver automotive quality, reliability, and ASIL D performance across multiple application spaces throughout vehicles.

S32G processors’ key attributes include:

  • Performance – S32G processors provide ASIL D MCU and MPU performance with application-specific network hardware acceleration that offloads processors to provide valued services with deterministic network performance needed by OEMs for the complex real-time environment of the modern vehicle.
  • Security – The S32G, like all other S32 platform processors, embed high-performance hardware security acceleration along with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support for trusted key management, enabled by its Hardware Security Engine (HSE). The firewalled HSE is the root of trust supporting secure boot, providing system security services, and protecting against side-channel attacks.
  • Safety – The NXP S32G processors offer ASIL D capabilities including lock-step Arm Cortex-M7 microcontroller cores, and the ability to lock-step clusters of Arm Cortex-A53 applications cores, allowing automotive safety to support new levels of performance with high-level operating systems and larger memory support.

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