Earlier this morning, Lucid released a blog post that included a video of a test run of its Air beta prototype. The beta prototype is constructed of aluminum and crumple zones "optimized from intensive computer simulations," according to the company.

The testing took place on a run between L.A. and San Francisco, which is a distance of about 400 mi. The video shows the team's trip through tunnels, over hills, around curves, all on a single charge. In fact, the only stop in the video that shows a "recharge" was for the chase vehicle filming the on-the-move exterior shots of the Air to get more gas. (A receipt of the fuel-up was shown to have cost the team a cool $80.)

The second half of the video covers the return trip, which again needed no refueling on the part of the EV.

Full production of the Air is expected to take place later this year at Lucid's Casa Grande, AZ, manufacturing facility.

You can see the video of the trip and read the blog post for yourself here.