Regulus Cyber announced a collaboration with Harman for a software-based cybersecurity solution designed to protect GPS against potential threats. The solution will be part of Harman Shield, the company’s offering for risk management to vehicle manufacturers and mobility companies.

“We’re seeing our OEM customers expand into the digital and mobility spaces, offering added-value services to consumers by leveraging connectivity and mobile applications,” said Asaf Atzmon, Vice President & General Manager, Automotive Cybersecurity at Harman. Through Harman Shield, we offer full visibility, analytics, and risk management capabilities into cyber threats, and Regulus Pyramid GNSS solution complements our offering with another layer of protection against GPS hacking. We’re excited about the possibilities of this new collaboration with Regulus.”

The company says that the Regulus Pyramid GNSS (global navigation satellite system) is the industry’s first standalone software solution that doesn’t require any additional hardware to protect a GPS receiver or chipsets.

The software solution uses machine learning to detect spoofing and defend any GNSS receiver, device, or chipset against it. GPS spoofing is a remote attack that transmits fake PNT (position, navigation, and time) information, enabling a hacker to take control of a target using satellite navigation and affect critical functions, such as time-sync, speed control, steering, navigation, location, and privacy.

Pyramid GNSS uses a combination of patented algorithms, developed over years of spoofing experiments to protect against attacks at the firmware, operating system, or application level.

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