Curiosity Lab, an economic development initiative by the City of Peachtree Corners, GA, has announced the launch of what it says is the world’s first fleet of teleoperated e-scooters available for public use. The scooters were created through a partnership with Go X, which created the scooter and ride hailing app, and Tortoise, which created the remote repositioning system.

How it works is users can request a ride through the app and then can track the scooter as it arrives at their destination. These automated, self-driving scooters take riders where they need to go, and then will drive themselves to a designated parking zone after the ride is complete. The initial pilot will run for six months and the company says it is the first time that teleoperated e-scooters will be deployed on a public street.

Peachtree Corners (the owner of Curiosity Lab) passed an ordinance mandating all shared micromobility devices deployed are capable of automated repositioning to increase the accessibility of shared e-scooters while avoiding the sidewalk clutter challenges that have plagued other cities. As scooters have been growing in popularity in the last few years, they can be seen littered all over public sidewalks. This partnership (and pilot) is designed to eliminate that litter and also provide an alternative form of transportation as regions begin to reopen from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Go X created a sanitization process that ensures scooters are cleaned prior to each rider use. The company has implemented COVID-19 health safety measures in order to provide the safest transportation solution possible. Each vehicle is thoroughly disinfected upon being remotely repositioned to a home base, and each also gets a sticker that shows that it was properly cleaned.

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