KEMET Corp. has launched a new family of metal composite power inductors for the automotive market, the MPXV. The line is AEC-Q200 qualified for use in the automotive sector and are designed to provide efficient power conversion while minimizing Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). The company says that they are ideal for use in DC to DC switching power supplies for the growing number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) found in automotive systems.

Available in various industry standard SMD footprints, the company says the inductors can operate at temperatures up to 311°F (155°C) and feature low electrical noise, allowing them to be used in all areas of the vehicle—including under the hood and in the powertrain. The metal composite material is molded around the inductor coil core and, therefore, acts to shield neighboring electronics from the magnetic flux that might otherwise cause interference in sensitive systems.

“Our experience and expertise in high permeability inductor material development and production allow us to introduce devices with differentiated performance to meet and exceed the needs of the latest applications in sectors such as automotive,” said Philip Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “With their robust performance, high reliability, and energy-saving features, MPXV inductors are a perfect example of this and provide a dependable, easy-to-design-in solution.”

KEMET’s MPXV series is available immediately via KEMET distributors.

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