TE Connectivity has introduced the PCON 12 one-position 90° unsealed connector, a new power connection solution, as part of its product portfolio of unsealed connectors for inside cabin applications.

Made out of flame-retardant material, the company says the PCON 12 connector is designed for supporting in-cabin power applications with a current carrying capability of up to 60 amps at 194°F (90°C). Its 90° cable exit configuration allows it to be used in extremely tight spaces inside the vehicle’s cabin.

The connector offers a one-position, unsealed power connection with positive and negative markings on each connector and can accept wire sizes up to .025 in2 (16 mm2) to allow establishing high power connections. It also offers three polarization key mating configurations, which prevent polarity mismatches, as well as dual side-actuated snap-in locking features, which provide an audible “click” for an added layer of security.

“The PCON 12 connector is not only the newest addition to our extensive product portfolio of unsealed connectors for in-cabin applications, it continues our tradition of being a leader in accelerating electric mobility in commercial transportation,” said Girish Devendra Medh, Product Manager for TE’s Industrial and Commercial Transportation Business. “Additionally, the PCON 12 is a simple, cost-efficient solution that meets customers’ high-power needs.”

The company says the connector is intended for use within trucking, busing, agriculture and construction, and ATV/UTV vehicle manufacturers. The primary application is inside the cabin to supply power where needed, with polarity variants shown on the housings for positive and negative connections.

For more information, visit www.te.com/ict.