Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) and Honda have signed an agreement to form a strategic alliance on new energy vehicle batteries to strengthen their strategic partnership and promote the popularization of electrified vehicles.

This agreement will enable the two companies to begin discussions on such areas as joint development, stable supply, and the recycling and reuse of batteries.

By bringing together the companies' individual technology advantages, the companies say they will conduct joint development on NEVs batteries and joint R&D into fundamental technologies, aiming for their future application. CATL will provide NEV batteries to Honda, mainly for battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The first model equipped with a CATL battery is scheduled to be launched in the Chinese market in 2022. This alliance is expected to be further expanded to the global level in the future. Moreover, battery recycling and reuse also will be a topic in further discussions between the two companies.

Honda has acquired approximately 1% of CATL shares through the non-public issuance of stocks, which makes it a leading strategic partner of CATL.
"Honda is a key player in global electrification,” said Zhou Jia, President of CATL. “Through this strategic cooperation, CATL and Honda will establish a stronger global partnership. We are working together to deliver more competitive products and solutions to global electrification, and to finally achieve a clean and pleasant style of mobility."

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