Samsung SDI’s products displayed at IAA 2017 have a theme: “a battery company preparing for the popularization of EVs.”

Its multifunctional battery pack is designed to allow users to change the number of modules based on their needs. For example, if 20 modules are installed in a premium car, it can travel between 600 km (373 mi) and 700 km (435 mi). If 10 to 12 modules are mounted on a regular sedan, it can run up to 300 km (186 mi). This pack is intended to enable automakers to design a car with varying range depending on how many modules of a single pack are installed.

Samsung’s low height cell has a height that is reduced by more than 20% compared to existing cells, according to the company. If this cell is applied, it can reportedly decrease the battery load height in an EV. This is intended to raise interior space utilization and enable automakers to develop EVs of various designs.

Cells and modules based on the new 21700 standard of cylindrical battery were also on display. A 21700 battery is 21 mm (0.8 in) in diameter and 70 mm (2.7 in) in height. Its capacity is 50% greater than the existing 18650 battery. Its size is optimal for maximizing capacity, life, and output, simultaneously.