Renovo, a mobility software technology company, and Argus Cyber Security, a developer of automotive cyber security, announced a partnership to incorporate Argus' Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) technology into Renovo's AWare automated mobility operating system. The partnership will also see the companies cooperate on further integration of advanced, multi-layered cybersecurity solutions with AWare for the automated mobility on-demand (AMoD) market.

"Argus understands the vital nature of AMoD services to the future of mobility, and we're excited to play an integral role in ensuring these transportation networks are protected from cyberattacks. By integrating our cyber security expertise with Renovo's outstanding software capabilities, we are ensuring that cities and societies around the world will enjoy the benefits of this cutting edge technology," said Ofer Ben-Noon, Argus Cyber Security CEO and Co-founder. "Imminent government legislation in the U.S. mandates the inclusion of IDPS in any vehicle sold, imported, or even exhibited, underscoring the importance of automotive cyber security, and IDPS in particular. With the House of Representatives unanimously passing the bill last week, our partnership will render Renovo the very first to comply with the new cyber security measures for connected and autonomous vehicles."

This partnership between Renovo and Argus is said to be the first-ever initiative to introduce cyber security into AMoD.

"Argus' expertise in automotive cyber security and its deserved reputation as the global leader made it a natural fit and great partner for Renovo," explained Chris Heiser, Renovo CEO and co-founder. "Argus' patented IDPS technology will immediately help secure our development vehicles running AWare and do so for customer fleet deployments in 2018. We also look forward to a close collaboration with Argus on innovation for future cyber security solutions for the AMoD market."  

Renovo and Argus will discuss their joint vision for cyber secure automated commercial fleets at the TU ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles USA conference in Detroit on October 2-3, 2017.