Developments are progressing at breakneck speeds as the vehicle industry devotes ever-increasing resources to unlocking the many benefits of autonomous technology.

By eliminating driver error, the main cause of most crashes, human vehicular fatalities will be driven to near zero. Traffic flow will become smoother and congestion decreased. Better efficiency will result and automation will enable the use of alternative energy sources. The mobility of the young, elderly, and disabled will be expanded. Vehicle occupants could spend travel time engaged in other more-productive activities.

We have developed Autonomous Vehicle Technology to be the most-trusted and indispensable resource for autonomous and related new mobility technology, with specific focuses on not only vehicle automation, but also the associated innovations in vehicle connectivity, electrification, and mobility services.

From humble beginnings in advanced driver-assistance systems, the road to full Level 5 autonomy will eventually mean no need for any driver involvement. We hope you enjoy the technology revolution with us.