Elektrobit (EB) announced a software product line that will enable automakers to build the electronic control units (ECUs) required for connected, highly automated driving. Called EB corbos, the line consists of three products that represent one of the first commercially available software implementations of Adaptive AUTomotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR), a new standard.

Key features of EB's software include increased focus on safety levels with fail-operational systems, as well as support for interconnectivity and over-the-air-updates.

"We welcome Elektrobit's commitment to Adaptive AUTOSAR," said Dr. Marcel Wille, AUTOSAR Project Leader, Volkswagen AG. "EB's continued engagement in this area helps us quickly introduce key technologies critical for future E/E architectures, most notably, the integration of new functions, in real time."

EB says that high-performance controllers, powered by a multi-core processor, will be the heart of the future automotive functional architecture, which is expected to see increased centralization and greater complexity. To enable highly automated and connected driving, automakers are consolidating up to 100 single ECUs into a centralized functional architecture with just five to 10 embedded performance controllers at its core, the company added.

EB corbos encompasses the following products:

  • EB corbos AdaptiveCore, which is the basic software for running Adaptive AUTOSAR. It is ISO 26262-compliant up to ASIL-D and is the core technology for creating high-performance ECUs.
  • EB corbos Hypervisor, which is an automotive-grade hypervisor with support for multiple operating systems and ISO 26262 certification up to ASIL-D.
  • EB corbos Linux, an automotive-grade POSIX compliant operating system designed for high-performance controllers, based on the Linux-Kernel that can be used in safety-critical systems

"At Elektrobit, we take great pride in our decades of experience providing automakers and Tier 1s with innovative software and services to overcome the most complex software challenges," said Martin Schleicher, Executive Vice President Strategy and Partnerships at EB. "We are actively helping our customers plan for the future of mobility, and EB corbos gives them the basic software they need to realize their goals of highly automated, electric, and connected driving."

For more information, visit https://www.elektrobit.com/products/ecu/eb-corbos/