The OmniAir Consortium says it has launched the world's first vehicle-to-everything (V2X) device certification program for the connected vehicle market. As part of the certification process, OmniAir approved test equipment and listed systems from Spirent Technologies and Danlaw, Inc. as Qualified Test Equipment (QTE) for OmniAir Consortium's Connected Vehicle Certification Program.

"Launching OmniAir's independent, third-party testing, and certification program for V2X-DSRC connected vehicle products is the culmination of a decade's work," remarked Jason Conley, Executive Director at OmniAir. "We are entering an exciting time, and the work we are doing will save lives across the globe."

Abhitesh Kastuar, Spirent's general manager for Automotive, stated, "Spirent is proud to be a member of this device certification program driven by the OmniAir Consortium. As a well-established provider of V2X standards compliance test solutions, Spirent is helping automotive manufacturers around the globe to meet their requirements regarding functionality, interoperability, and performance. We are committed to continue with our efforts to support future protocols and other standard specifications for this technology, as industry needs arise."

"Obtaining OmniAir qualification highlights the confidence that our customers have shown in our products and services," said Andrew Donaldson, Program Manager – Connected Vehicles, at Danlaw, Inc.

7Layers, Inc. is the first OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory (OATL) for the testing of DSRC-V2X devices.

"7layers is thrilled to be selected as the first OmniAir Authorized Test Laboratory for the connected vehicle certification program," said CEO Fernando Rodríguez of 7layers.

OmniAir Consortium was founded more than 10 years ago for the purpose of promoting certification and interoperability for intelligent transportation systems.  OmniAir and its members have worked collaboratively with transportation stakeholders to develop requirements and specifications for both RFID tolling and DSRC-based connected vehicle devices. Since 2012, OmniAir has certified RFID tags and readers used in electronic toll collection systems. To learn more, visit