Kiekert, a designer and manufacturer of automotive locking systems, announced its “autonomous door” concept. The company says this concept encompasses a combination of its latest technologies and innovations, including its NuEntry electric door latch, i-protect, and i-move.

Kiekert says that, in the future, these innovations will intelligently control access into vehicles, prevent unnecessary dents and scratches on vehicle doors, and help them to completely prevent injuries to pedestrians and other vehicles.

The NuEntry-Latch was designed to eliminate the need for door handle, and reduce the weight and complexity of locking systems while improving door design. The system allows use of the latest technologies, such as outdoor touch sensors or smartphones, and it has a modular full mechanical redundancy (TCR), which allows the latch to retain complete functionality even in the event of a power failure.

The i-protect prototype utilizes a modernized sensor system for environmental identification and a door brake system to detect dynamic obstacles in the vicinity of the door. The door brake system electromechanically stops the car door in front of the obstacle, if required, with an accuracy of one centimeter. The system will help reduce trouble when getting in and out of the car due to narrow parking spaces, garages, parsers or inattentive traffic as well as reduce scratches and dents.

Kiekert's i-move "intelligent movement" system was designed to provide a comfortable, automatically driven opening and closing action for the car door, similar to the automated opening and closing of rear hatches. The process of door movement is begun by pressing a button in the vehicle.