Lexus premiered its automated-driving-capable "LS+ Concept" concept vehicle at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017. It also unveiled at the show limited editions of the "RC F" and "GS F" to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Lexus "F" sports models.

Lexus says it has been actively introducing advanced technologies based on its Integrated Safety Management Concept. The company is also developing automated driving technologies and aims for application in the first half of the 2020s of its "Urban Teammate" technologies for automated driving on regular roads.

The LS+ Concept and its technologies indicate the company’s future image of its "LS" flagship sedan. Its styling and automated driving technologies are planned for application in 2020, and the LS+ Concept was developed as a model that symbolizes Lexus' vision.

As a concept vehicle that suggests the future look of the LS, the LS+ Concept indicates the direction of the next-generation Lexus design based on Lexus' L-finesse design philosophy. (L-finesse is Lexus' own design philosophy based on the ideas of "leading-edge" and "finesse." It aims to create new value by harmonizing seemingly contradictory elements through what is known as the "YET" approach.) In addition to its evolved spindle grille, with a large grille shutter that contributes to both improved cooling and enhanced aerodynamic performance, Lexus vision is expressed in the LS+ Concept through, among others, partly laser-lit headlamps and rear combination lamps as well as through electronic side mirrors.

With its introduction of the latest automated driving technologies, Lexus intends to make automated driving from entrance ramp to exit ramp on motor-vehicle-only roadways possible by using its "Highway Teammate" automated driving technologies, which, with an eye toward application in 2020, are featured on the LS+ Concept. On motor-vehicle-only roadways, through appropriate recognition, judgment, and operation by onboard systems in response to actual traffic conditions, these technologies can enable automated merging, lane changes, and diverging as well as can keep a vehicle in its lane and maintain vehicle-to-vehicle distance. The driver may approve such proposals to enable safe and comfortable transportation to the destination.

The LS+ Concept can communicate with a data center to update its systems' software, allowing new functions to be added. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) that learns from big data, including information on roads and surrounding areas, ensures a high level of automated driving. The car is designed to learn and grow along with its users.