BlueSignal, a developer of an AI-based solution designed to predict future traffic conditions, says it will soon be entering the U.S. market. On December 4, BlueSignal, a member company of K-ICT Born2Global Centre, announced that it has signed an MOU with CarForce on November 15, during the K-Global @ Silicon Valley event that will enable it to enter the U.S. market.

Based in San Francisco, CarForce is a company that uses connected devices to provide car-related data in real time. CarForce is currently collaborating with AT&T and Hella Ventures. With the signing of the MOU, BlueSignal expects to achieve an even higher accuracy rate for its predictions of future traffic conditions based on the real-time car data provided by CarForce. In addition, CarForce will be able to add BlueSignal's data on future traffic conditions to its car data.

BlueSignal CEO Jason Baik said, "BlueSignal's technology, which can predict traffic conditions up to two kilometers ahead of a car, is being actively sought by foreign automakers, distributors, and governments of major countries and is now becoming increasingly recognized for its effectiveness. Our recent MOU with CarForce will enable us to not only enter the U.S. market in earnest but also do our part in terms of giving back to society by making BlueSignal's predictive driving technology publicly available through

BlueSignal is negotiating with ITS Austria regarding an investment that exceeds the usual Series A investment amount and is considering a collaborative project with Pantonium, a Canadian company that provides a dynamic software platform that handles dispatching and routing for vehicle fleets of public and private transportation.