SenseTime, a Chinese artificial intelligence company, announced it has signed a long-term development agreement with Honda to build smart AI cars with autonomous driving. The companies say that they partnership will leverage Honda's vehicle control system with SenseTime's artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to jointly create an autonomous driving solution. The two companies also announced they will work together to develop robot technology.

SenseTime Japan CEO Lao Shihong said, "Safety is the utmost priority when it comes to driving, and it also constitutes the core of our autonomous driving solution. By combining SenseTime's strengths in computer vision technologies with Honda's superior vehicle control technologies, we will together enable a safe and pleasant autonomous driving experience. Moreover, the fact that SenseTime provides core technology to a global enterprise like Honda marks a milestone."

SenseTime, with a set of core technologies and patents for autonomous driving, has also developed chips and embedded systems for smart AI cars. The partnership between SenseTime and Honda is expected to accelerate the research and development of smart AI cars.