Airbiquity announced the latest release of OTAmatic an over-the-air (OTA) solution. The company says that the new OTAmatic release offers a back-end service delivery management capability that allows automakers and suppliers to efficiently plan and execute multi-ECU software update and data campaigns—at scale— with refined vehicle and device targeting, discrete policy and privacy controls, customizable consumer communications, and solution deployment flexibility. In addition to the previous release features, the latest OTAmatic includes:

  • Edge data analytics framework: OTAmatic supports upgradable analytic modules from data analytics providers, and the anonymization and normalization of vehicle data for automaker and third-party value generation.
  • Consumer purchasing: OTAmatic on-demand software updates enable consumer purchase of new features and services post-vehicle sale, and customizable consumer interactions via infotainment system and smartphone applications.
  • "Defense In-Depth" Security: OTAmatic's end-to-end security approach spans confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and availability leveraging standards-based certification, authentication, encryption, and the compromise-resilient Uptane software update security system for automotive.

"Airbiquity has an unrivaled track record of developing innovative software technology, cloud-based services, and successfully deploying connected vehicle programs," said Kamyar Moinzadeh, President and CEO of Airbiquity. "We're committed to continually improving our OTAmatic offering so our automotive customers can better manage their vehicles over the entire vehicle lifecycle, offer new vehicle features and services to consumers post-purchase, and ultimately leverage a data exchange platform for data management, analytics, and monetization in the future."

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