NuPark announced the next generation of its open, cloud-based smart parking management platform, Scout. This new version is designed for parking professionals to gain greater efficiency, access, and better visibility into their parking operations. According to the company, the Scout platform combines a configurable and user-friendly interface with advanced, real-time visual monitoring and analytics.

NuPark's Scout platform integrates new capabilities including a redesigned HTML5-based user interface, new intelligence, and powerful dashboards. The dashboards reportedly provide graphic representations of parking information with fast and easy drill-down capabilities to offer a friendlier user experience and actionable insight into every aspect of a parking operation.

"The new Scout platform represents the next step in our ultimate mission to provide innovative technology with unrivaled customer service to improve the lives of parking professionals," said Kevin Uhlenhaker, CEO and Co-Founder at NuPark. "With this smart parking management platform, parking professionals can now quickly and efficiently offer more convenient options to their customers and more easily make everyday decisions based on real-time data."

The customer experience and access enhancements offered by Scout include:

  • Access From Any Device: The newly redesigned responsive HTML5 interface is 50% faster than the previous platform version and allows parking professionals to get anywhere, anytime access to the full functionality of the NuPark solution. Parking management users can now view data and control parking operations in real time from any location, any device, and at any time using a secure Web browser.
  • Fully Integrated LPR Data: The new Scout platform expands the existing License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities of the current solution. The new platform includes improved LPR data visualizations, integrated parker connected LPR data, and enhanced LPR-based utilization and directed parker communication.
  • Built-In Analytics Package: The Scout platform includes a parking analytics package. By analyzing data from both the NuPark and third-party systems, users can gain insight into how parking is being utilized, impacts of operational changes, and predictions about future demand and usage.
  • Third-Party Systems Integration: NuPark's Scout platform allows customers to connect all their third-party software and hardware platforms to create one fully integrated system. Built on the principles of open parking platforms, Scout currently integrates with more than 40 systems, including: multi-space meters, PARCS, credit card, court, student records, HR, and finance systems.
  • Expanded User Configuration for a More Personalized Experience: NuPark has enhanced its system with additional personalization to allow users quick access to the information they need to make decisions. Users can individually customize the way they see and interact with the platform by adjusting menu location, system colors, and text size.

Pricing and Availability

Upgrading to Scout and any necessary remote training is included in all current NuPark subscriptions. Scout is fully backwards compatible with the existing solution and will allow customers to run both systems simultaneously during upgrade and training to ensure a smooth transition. The Scout platform will be available to current customers in June.

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