Arilou Information Security Technologies announced it has developed a new central management technology to enable dynamic and secure control of in-vehicle communication networks. This cyber security tool—the Ethernet Security Hub—was designed as a solution for connected and autonomous vehicles equipped with Ethernet networks. The technology was developed to prevent security risks and addresses critical safety vulnerabilities associated with integrating connected and automated systems into vehicles.

Arilou’s Ethernet Security Hub allows for real-time management of the interaction between a vehicle’s electronic systems. The technology works by opening and closing secured communication channels between components in an ad-hoc manner. This helps limit the number of areas vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

A GPS transmitter that is used to constantly transmit a vehicle’s location over the cloud can be programmed to only send location information when an accident occurs for added safety and driver privacy. The security solution reportedly does not interfere with the overall functionality of the Ethernet network.

The Ethernet Security Hub is reportedly flexible and can be configured to fit the individual system architectures of any OEM vehicle. New electronic components can be added if automakers change suppliers or new technologies are introduced. This flexibility makes it a solution for heavy-duty trucks and buses, and other modes of transportation such as trains, and in some cases, ships and airplanes.

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