MAN Truck & Bus AG, a Volkswagen Truck & Bus company and a global leader in commercial vehicle manufacturing, will deploy Solera's Digital Garage Fleet250 (DGF) platform into vehicles and aftermarket services, delivering value to customers through digital risk and asset management solutions for the trucking ecosystem.

Solera's DGF platform was developed to connect drivers, vehicles, and service providers through sophisticated workflow and rules engine technology. MAN will work with Solera's R3Pi division, the disruptive innovation arm of the company, and leverage the DGF platform to transform and further digitize their operations.

Solera and MAN will aggregate and refine raw data to smooth out and accelerate the customer journey by deploying DGF across MAN's worldwide network. The Solera Digital Garage Fleet 250™, which identifies the 250 touchpoints across the lifecycle of a truck and driver, enables the integration and optimization of data, and matches the identity of the truck with the driver. This partnership will initially focus on data-led estimations, cycle-time improvements, and the further digitalization of the vehicle intake process. This includes the ability for drivers to use the DGF technology to track their performance, conduct daily vehicle health checks, and in the future, manage and protect their identity and privacy.  

"Our company's partnership with Solera is another step on the road to digitization. It is in line with our strategy, which involves completely rethinking the world of transportation and logistics with strong partners by our side. We are gradually branching out from being a commercial vehicles manufacturer with a focus on hardware to become a provider of intelligent and sustainable transportation solutions. Further digitization of the after-sales business has a key part to play in this transformation," said Christian Kaiser, CDO of MAN Truck & Bus.