Audi announced it is using products from Osram Opto Semiconductors in the front lighting of the Audi A8, the Oslon Compact PL for adaptive front lighting. The Oslon Black Flat S in the three-chip version provides an extended beam range. Additionally, the Topled is used in the sedan’s daytime running lights.

A noted feature of the Audi A8’s HD matrix headlights is that for the first time the Oslon Compact PL LEDs are arranged in two lines. As a result, other road users are reportedly masked out even more precisely by the light beam and are not dazzled. The Oslon Compact PL has an electrically insulated thermal contact. By using appropriate PCB technologies, the thermal connection can be significantly improved, which leads to a higher luminous flux. In addition, notchless chip technology allows the optical systems to be more efficient.

The Oslon Black Flat S family, which also features notchless chip technology, is installed in the Audi A8 for the first time in its three-chip version. The individually controllable chips allow for the light beam to be adjusted to the respective situation (e.g., in city traffic or on the highway), increasing visual comfort.