A recent report by the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and BlueGreen Alliance, titled “Supplying Ingenuity II: U.S. Suppliers of Key Clean, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Technologies,” claims to show that cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles would have a positive impact on employment and the economy.

The report shows the impact that cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles could have on employment in the U.S., citing that numerous people are already employed in the sector. This is backed up by the report’s findings that 288,000 people across 48 states are currently employed by cleaner cars in various forms.

“Clean vehicle and fuel economy standards are proving that we can create jobs, rebuild manufacturing and protect our environment at the same time,” said Kim Glas, executive director of the BlueGreen Alliance. “Going forward the auto sector can continue to lead the way in rebuilding good American manufacturing jobs. But, to get this job done, we need to lead on fuel economy, innovation and investment while doubling down on policies to ensure we manufacture the next generation of technology in the US and build good, safe, family supporting jobs doing so. Robust, long-term fuel economy and GHG standards have been critical to the automotive recovery, and remain critical to sustaining it.”

According to a statement by the NRDC, the report highlights three priorities for sustaining a strong, job creating, clean automotive recovery that helps rebuild American manufacturing and communities. These include: continued strong standards spurring investment in leading technology, manufacturing and jobs, sound economic, tax and trade policies to build more of those manufacturing jobs in the U.S., and strong labor standards and worker rights to ensure that those jobs are consistently good jobs—and help reverse the downward pressure on living standards of working families.

The full report can be viewed here.